A Little Stressed Out

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Hola, Julie and our officially adopted child, Dave, here.  So it’s getting down to crunch time and everyone is starting to get a little stressed out.  Jujube is done filming (I think) with the exception of cutaways at Liz’s house, that Liz and I plan on getting tomorrow afternoon.  In other news, Michaela and McKeon continue to bicker, all in good fun, they always find it in their hearts to forgive each other and movie forward in their co-directing pursuits, as a team.  As of right now, Dave and I are eating pizza goldfish, waiting for further instruction from McKeon, as he is most likely flirting in the hall somewhere…oh McKeon. So we’re discussing production names recently, and despite our list of 43+ options, none of them seem to be “wedding dress material,” aka the one.  We’re torn between Safari Car Productions (director’s choice) and numerous others, including White Shadow Productions (which apparently just means light…who knew), Black Leprachaun, to name a few.  Oh yeah, today was Michaela’s birthday, and she failed to bring in any sort of “tasty treat” or cupcakes or anything…disappointing to say the least.  Editing is going well, as Mckeon is finally almost done with the mountain-like feat of the montage, thanks to Mr.Alan’s help earlier this week.  And the whole crew is now hooked on ABBA, so we’re seriously considering calling up Swedan in the hopes of them letting us use their music…but then Earle made us a sweet rendition of a song (to be remained secret) and its well worth hours of Earle’s blood, sweat, and tears, I’m sure.  On Tuesday, McKeon, Liz, and Rory all got dismissed to go to Rico’s to reshoot Scene 13 and it came out really good, despite Liz and Rory’s horrendous and incorrect discuss of music…they will someday be forgiven.  We got a ton of bloopers from that day though, including Rory’s confession of wanting to be the huge ripped violin player from Dave Matthews Band because he’s “awesome,” and also that Rory is – to all of our surprise – Joaquin Phoenix…weird.  I also became bffls with The Jen Herrmann this week, as we thoroughly bonded after school and after a slip of tongue on my behalf, we moved past said incident and its all rainbows and butterflies between us.  Side note: over the course of this lengthy blog, we have consumed the entire bag of pizza goldfish, courtesy of Jodes.  (Jen and Gaffey were just singing the ABBA song, i don’t even think they realized).  Our movie poster is coming along great, we took pictures at the end of last week and LIz Monahan started putting it together.  Additionally, we were informed today that the school is open until 9:00 p.m. today, sooooo that probably means we’ll be here for a while.  Goldfish are done, so that means our blog is done cause we basically covered everything.  Until next time…

-Julie & Dave

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