First half done

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 9.04.42 AM

Hello all…the dedicated Jujube members here, Julie and McKeon obv.  The first half of our movie is almost officially done, minus about three cuts of the paper ad…ahhh, we cannot wait for those to be in.  The second half is almost done, we still need to finish editing the reshoot of scene 21 (w/ dono) that McKeon is doing right now…thank god.  After that we just need to double check the audio and do some finishing touches. PSSSH, almost there.  That’s right, that was an ‘airblast,’ charge me, i think thats worth about 47 cents at least.  TPJ was just wandering around… anyway.  Oh yeahh, and today we added THE BEST CUT ever…even though Michaela and Dave dont like it…we will send you back Dave, and Michaelas not even here so ha ha ha…you cant do anything.  (the cut is basically of BSull’s angelic face, strategically placed to a tee).  I was just told i was “almost useless,” by Matthew Dante Ferrara and sooooo hes not our “friiiiiiiend.” It’s on.

McKeon- I still consider M. Dante Ferrara to be a friend. Also, I refuse to let Dave go back to that other crew that mistreated him so. Michaela and Dave were outvoted as well, and in no way threatened or taken unfair advantage of. Julie is not almost useless, she is completely useless. And although they lack color and humor, Maltese is our ‘friiiiiiend’, as is M. Dante and TPJ (James Elwood). And i have no idea what an airblast is.

However, I did have the pleasure of having the very M. Dante Ferrara as a sub in Latin class. He tried and failed to threaten me with hours when i made the simple request to see the movie poster, which he was working on at the time. I told him off by saying that if he did, i would get mr alan to allow me to come spend the hours with him editing, which i would be doing after school anyways. Ferrara was effectively quieted, and order was returned to the class.


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