Magically Delicious

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 9.00.24 AM

Julie here.  Big happenings.  Let it be known that McKeon is NOT here today, on account of an alleged “illness.”  Who’s slacking now?  So today we shot with Imbusch and Cashman for the third day this week, and basically, they’re awesome.  We pretty much exploiting their Irish heritage and made them eat almost an entire box of lucky charms.  WOAH WOAH, ALSO MR. IMBUSCH HAS NEVER HAD LUCKY CHARMS BEFORE TODAY…how weird is that? “I think there’s hair in there.     I think both of them were sick by the end of the shoot, though.  In other news, over vacation I was in New Hampshire getting attacked by gypsys…long story…and Jujube got a TON of shooting done, including all of the Ricos date scenes.  But we still need to edit like, all of that. Yesterday, we shot with THE Joe Donovan, who never ceases to amaze the entire crew and various spectators.  During his close -up after everyone else had left, he single handedly went through all his lines, complete with phenomenal facial expressions without having to stop.  Hilarious, but really…what else would you expect from Dono?  Until next time…


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