Michaela Here

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 9.01.09 AM

HELLO EVERYONE! what’s up? It’s Michaela here.  So filming is going splendidly. We have shot pretty much the entire movie except we have to go back and get close up shots.  We have a couple reshoots to do and those are all scheduled.  The other day we got kicked out of the library…Joe was being himself…enough said.  So that put a kink in our production process but no worries because we scheduled a new time to shoot.  Julie, Dave, and McKeon have perfected their behind the scene dancing with the egyptian move.  McKeon tried the moon walk with little success.  Our crew is still dealing with adopting Dave into our group, he refuses to believe he  is in fact a Chinese baby but Julie is working on that.  So pretty much it’s been interesting.  I’ve been learning how to edit with some help from McKeon.  I’ve only done one scene but I fixed up some others that McKeon butchered.  Haha McKeon. Our crew is also dealing with AJ Rossi.  He shattered the window of Ashley’s car.  Absolutley unneeded since Ahsley is like one of our major actresses and she cannot be bothered with such things.  So her car is going to be frigid after school and AJ is  to blame. “Down with AJ”-Julie


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