The Buzz

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 12.17.43 PM

This crew is the most green of the studio films. No one on it has been the director of a feature film before, so I knew there would be some growing pains. However, I have been very impressed at how quickly this crew has hit its stride. Every shoot gets better and better. They have even already completed a full reshoot of the first scene they shot. Both McKeon and Michaela have a great vision for this movie and they know what they want to see in each scene. The key will be getting the performances from their actors—especially Cashman. This movie lacks the special effects and huge sets of Pong, Maltese, and Magic and therefore needs to do all the little things right. Despite lacking the flashier elements of the other productions the Buzz around the movie has remained strong. This is probably attributed to the fact that any production with Joe Donovan in it is going to draw a lot of buzz. 

Buzz Analysis: A Grande Caffè Mocha, extra whipped cream.

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