Betty Crocker Gone Bad.

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Hey Everyone!! It’s Michaela and Julie here.  Yea haha Michaela finally making an appearance on the blog that everyone’s been bashing me on…every time.  Today was possibly the funniest day of filming….in film festival history.  Liz took a big hit today eating icecream even though shes slightly lactose intolerant.  Thats commitment for you.  And big news after today I am in film class every day! and Julie is pumped because shes been a little on edge since she hasn’t been able to see me everyday. (Julie here, ignore the last line). (Michaela here, ignore the last line).  Sooo basically things are looking up.  We are starting to piece together our film and it is looking pretty good so far.  Turns out McKeon isn’t a bad editor. Who knew??  I can’t wait to be in film class full time.  And for the record I would like everyone to know I suffered through and all guys gym class to be in film class.  But no one appreciates that it’s all you miss 2 days of film blah blah blah…not fair.  NEWS FLASH: MICHAELA ELIZABETH BRADY HAS NEVER BEEN TO RICOS, she will be consuming her first chicken kabob today.  MOMENTOUS, FA SHO. moterdown (……………)


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We took the last two pieces of candy.

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No Alan, Joe Brady, Liz’s black eye…i’d say all around an interesting day.  Prom Date is coming along swimmingly.  We’ve been filiming quite a bit recently, but today we HAVE to get some editing done.  We’ll probably just import and sub-clip most of the day, but then McKeon and I are staying after and Michaela (as she is in gym today) is coming in during her lunch, thanks mk.  Also, we’re working out the kinks in the schedule and finishing it through February.  Annoying, yet necessary, work to be done today.  Yesterday was wicked stressful though as Liz, Ashley, Dave, and I walked into class to find we were director-less.  We were a tad panicked, but McKeon came to the rescue.  We called his phone in a frenzy after Alan yelled at us to “get going” and he answered, thankfully, from the attendence office.  Nice job guy.  He was in desperate need of OJ and a nap, but we got the first scene with $man done, and it came out pretty good.  Okay so back to today, McKeon and I are going to Rico’s because we need to ask them if we can film there during Feb. break for Dono’s date scenes (we’ve been putting this off for a while out of…laziness).  Hmm, what else?  Oh yeah, the crew started talking about our poster and we came up with a WICKED good idea, Michaela’s already talking about hanging it up in her bedroom haha.  Okay, i’ve rambled on for way too long.  Until next time…


p.s. Ashley needs to tickle Dave lovingly…bye.

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Michaela is to blame

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Vacation is officially over and filming has started. Today we filmed in the library. Michaela was not here. She also forgot the camera, but its cool, Mr. Alan kindly lent us another GL2.  As McKeon says, “Michaela is to blame for everything.” Shooting went well and everyone knew their line relatively well. There were only a couple curse words. The scene was short so filming was quick. In the scene I’m reading a picture dictionary and Jujube is in it. Yes, it is a real fruit. Next class we will be filming in the library again. Hopefully Michaela will be there. 

McKeon and the girls

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Whats goin on Jujube fans-

Co-Director John McKeon here, and I’m happy to report that we are almost finished with pre-production. This is big news for a multitude of reasons. One is that we are constantly being annoyed and distracted by various members of the Ginnup team. Rory is just a HUGE pain, and I am now really looking forward to out-directing him. Also not helping is the fact that Michaela only shows up when she feels like it, claiming she has “Gym class” twice a week. Julie also bailed on us for today, going to New York for a concert. She really needs to get her priorities straight. So Liz, Ashley, and myself are stuck finishing up storyboarding and making shot lists. We need to cast one more actor and cast and we will be good to go. We should be shooting shortly after we return from Christmas break, and heading for the awards stage in May.


It has begun.

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So—this is our first blog for our future Oscar winning “Prom Date.” We have just finished rewriting the script because we needed to change the main guy to be a main girl.  Casting a main man was very difficult since there was really no one who could actually do it. So, with Alan’s expertise, we decided on having the main character be a girl, and we realized that a girl fits the role much better.  For roles, we still only have to find one of the main boys—but he only needs to be in a few scenes so it’ll be easy. Our crew has been working hard for three days on the script, and I think we nailed the ending. It’s gonna be awesome. So we’re off to the second stage of our preproduction—getting set design ready.  We are going to meet with Ms. Padis and Ms. Gillis to get some great ideas for props and the characters. So overall, we’re off to a great start and we are very, very confident that this film will do great things. Watch out. 

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