Movie is Done!

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Ashley, Michaela and White Shadow here.  WS for short. The Movie is DONEE!!!!! It is greatness, not to brag or anything. We may not have edited most but without us, there would be no movie.  Crew lunch failed today, thanks to Julie. But she did the the unsung hero award today so it’s chill. McKeon got the NMLTBUIAAS Award (Name Most Likely To Be Used In An Angry Sigh Award). Best Crotch, Bust and Akward Angle Shots Award goes to the one and only Michaela. And she will never make cupcakes. Dave won the Best Unusable On and Off Film Moments Award. Ashley won The Most Likely to Ask for Things that Will Never Happen Award. And Liz won the Lactose Intolerant Award. And Mr. Alan just gave us the Total Disaster Award.  He was just kidding. He also said McKeon poured his heart and soul into this movie. He didn’t though, we all know McKeon doesnt have either.  We adopted Pete into our crew today as well

 LOVE the Jolie-Pitts 

First half done

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Hello all…the dedicated Jujube members here, Julie and McKeon obv.  The first half of our movie is almost officially done, minus about three cuts of the paper ad…ahhh, we cannot wait for those to be in.  The second half is almost done, we still need to finish editing the reshoot of scene 21 (w/ dono) that McKeon is doing right now…thank god.  After that we just need to double check the audio and do some finishing touches. PSSSH, almost there.  That’s right, that was an ‘airblast,’ charge me, i think thats worth about 47 cents at least.  TPJ was just wandering around… anyway.  Oh yeahh, and today we added THE BEST CUT ever…even though Michaela and Dave dont like it…we will send you back Dave, and Michaelas not even here so ha ha ha…you cant do anything.  (the cut is basically of BSull’s angelic face, strategically placed to a tee).  I was just told i was “almost useless,” by Matthew Dante Ferrara and sooooo hes not our “friiiiiiiend.” It’s on.

McKeon- I still consider M. Dante Ferrara to be a friend. Also, I refuse to let Dave go back to that other crew that mistreated him so. Michaela and Dave were outvoted as well, and in no way threatened or taken unfair advantage of. Julie is not almost useless, she is completely useless. And although they lack color and humor, Maltese is our ‘friiiiiiend’, as is M. Dante and TPJ (James Elwood). And i have no idea what an airblast is.

However, I did have the pleasure of having the very M. Dante Ferrara as a sub in Latin class. He tried and failed to threaten me with hours when i made the simple request to see the movie poster, which he was working on at the time. I told him off by saying that if he did, i would get mr alan to allow me to come spend the hours with him editing, which i would be doing after school anyways. Ferrara was effectively quieted, and order was returned to the class.


Dono’s missing jacket

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Hey jujube fans

    McKeon here, and the movie is starting to really take shape. We have one major reshoot to do tomorrow, which would have been done today, but Dono lost his phone and neglected to tell us. Thus he did not have the jacket he wears EVERY OTHER DAY EXCEPT TODAY. So with his life under threat by me, he will be bringing it in tomorrow and we will reshoot it then. 

    Aside from that, we are currently working through a number of audio issues, but with some help by Mr. Alan and the man, the legend, the M. Dante Ferrara, we shoud be able to get it done in plenty of time.

Until next time, JUJUBE OUT


A Little Stressed Out

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Hola, Julie and our officially adopted child, Dave, here.  So it’s getting down to crunch time and everyone is starting to get a little stressed out.  Jujube is done filming (I think) with the exception of cutaways at Liz’s house, that Liz and I plan on getting tomorrow afternoon.  In other news, Michaela and McKeon continue to bicker, all in good fun, they always find it in their hearts to forgive each other and movie forward in their co-directing pursuits, as a team.  As of right now, Dave and I are eating pizza goldfish, waiting for further instruction from McKeon, as he is most likely flirting in the hall somewhere…oh McKeon. So we’re discussing production names recently, and despite our list of 43+ options, none of them seem to be “wedding dress material,” aka the one.  We’re torn between Safari Car Productions (director’s choice) and numerous others, including White Shadow Productions (which apparently just means light…who knew), Black Leprachaun, to name a few.  Oh yeah, today was Michaela’s birthday, and she failed to bring in any sort of “tasty treat” or cupcakes or anything…disappointing to say the least.  Editing is going well, as Mckeon is finally almost done with the mountain-like feat of the montage, thanks to Mr.Alan’s help earlier this week.  And the whole crew is now hooked on ABBA, so we’re seriously considering calling up Swedan in the hopes of them letting us use their music…but then Earle made us a sweet rendition of a song (to be remained secret) and its well worth hours of Earle’s blood, sweat, and tears, I’m sure.  On Tuesday, McKeon, Liz, and Rory all got dismissed to go to Rico’s to reshoot Scene 13 and it came out really good, despite Liz and Rory’s horrendous and incorrect discuss of music…they will someday be forgiven.  We got a ton of bloopers from that day though, including Rory’s confession of wanting to be the huge ripped violin player from Dave Matthews Band because he’s “awesome,” and also that Rory is – to all of our surprise – Joaquin Phoenix…weird.  I also became bffls with The Jen Herrmann this week, as we thoroughly bonded after school and after a slip of tongue on my behalf, we moved past said incident and its all rainbows and butterflies between us.  Side note: over the course of this lengthy blog, we have consumed the entire bag of pizza goldfish, courtesy of Jodes.  (Jen and Gaffey were just singing the ABBA song, i don’t even think they realized).  Our movie poster is coming along great, we took pictures at the end of last week and LIz Monahan started putting it together.  Additionally, we were informed today that the school is open until 9:00 p.m. today, sooooo that probably means we’ll be here for a while.  Goldfish are done, so that means our blog is done cause we basically covered everything.  Until next time…

-Julie & Dave

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St. Patty’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of as at jujube. We haven’t had much time to celebrate, because we been busy making pure cinematic gold. We rewrote a major part of our script, and we are quite busy shooting that and editing.  We shot at Liz’s house this weekend, with her mother, which went great. I wish i could tell you more about it, but i was unable to attend except for the final 5 minutes, during which time the entire crew yelled at me for not showing until then. Liz continues to be great, and the one and only Joe Donovan continues to amaze, despite his ‘wild thing’ haircut. The film is looking great, and everything is really starting to come together. 

Until Next time,

Jujube Co-Director John McKeon

Michaela Here

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HELLO EVERYONE! what’s up? It’s Michaela here.  So filming is going splendidly. We have shot pretty much the entire movie except we have to go back and get close up shots.  We have a couple reshoots to do and those are all scheduled.  The other day we got kicked out of the library…Joe was being himself…enough said.  So that put a kink in our production process but no worries because we scheduled a new time to shoot.  Julie, Dave, and McKeon have perfected their behind the scene dancing with the egyptian move.  McKeon tried the moon walk with little success.  Our crew is still dealing with adopting Dave into our group, he refuses to believe he  is in fact a Chinese baby but Julie is working on that.  So pretty much it’s been interesting.  I’ve been learning how to edit with some help from McKeon.  I’ve only done one scene but I fixed up some others that McKeon butchered.  Haha McKeon. Our crew is also dealing with AJ Rossi.  He shattered the window of Ashley’s car.  Absolutley unneeded since Ahsley is like one of our major actresses and she cannot be bothered with such things.  So her car is going to be frigid after school and AJ is  to blame. “Down with AJ”-Julie


Magically Delicious

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Julie here.  Big happenings.  Let it be known that McKeon is NOT here today, on account of an alleged “illness.”  Who’s slacking now?  So today we shot with Imbusch and Cashman for the third day this week, and basically, they’re awesome.  We pretty much exploiting their Irish heritage and made them eat almost an entire box of lucky charms.  WOAH WOAH, ALSO MR. IMBUSCH HAS NEVER HAD LUCKY CHARMS BEFORE TODAY…how weird is that? “I think there’s hair in there.     I think both of them were sick by the end of the shoot, though.  In other news, over vacation I was in New Hampshire getting attacked by gypsys…long story…and Jujube got a TON of shooting done, including all of the Ricos date scenes.  But we still need to edit like, all of that. Yesterday, we shot with THE Joe Donovan, who never ceases to amaze the entire crew and various spectators.  During his close -up after everyone else had left, he single handedly went through all his lines, complete with phenomenal facial expressions without having to stop.  Hilarious, but really…what else would you expect from Dono?  Until next time…


The Buzz

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This crew is the most green of the studio films. No one on it has been the director of a feature film before, so I knew there would be some growing pains. However, I have been very impressed at how quickly this crew has hit its stride. Every shoot gets better and better. They have even already completed a full reshoot of the first scene they shot. Both McKeon and Michaela have a great vision for this movie and they know what they want to see in each scene. The key will be getting the performances from their actors—especially Cashman. This movie lacks the special effects and huge sets of Pong, Maltese, and Magic and therefore needs to do all the little things right. Despite lacking the flashier elements of the other productions the Buzz around the movie has remained strong. This is probably attributed to the fact that any production with Joe Donovan in it is going to draw a lot of buzz. 

Buzz Analysis: A Grande Caffè Mocha, extra whipped cream.

Epic week

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Ashley here. This week was quite epic. We filmed Cashman’s Flip Out scene and Scene 17. No one was harmed in the making of Cashman’s Flip Out Scene– although it may have looked that way. We used the kids in Cashman’s study as extras who cowered in fear behind tipped over desks. Susan Namawejjie was in the fetal position under the computer desk. John, Joe, AJ, and Allen we smacked around by newspaper over grammatical errors and improperly cropped pictures and turing the Rebellion into amateur hour. It was hilarious. Today, was interesting shooting.  It was a very bad idea to film in the lobby during lunch block. But we managed. It came out pretty good. One of my favorite lines in the movie is “demon child”. Next week is Rico’s and we’re scheduling it now. The montage scene should be fun. We have a lot of work to do, but I’m not too worried about it. PS. Dave is officially our adopted crew child. 

Spaghetti and Cupcakes? Gross.

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Hey all jujube fans. We have been working on some very interesting scenes thus far. Today, we shot a scene in the cafeteria with Joe–eating spaghetti + cupcakes, disgustingly I might add. It was quite disturbing for all in attendance.  We still need to do a scene with my mom and honestly, I am still recovering from the lactose problem with the last scene.  That was a struggle.  We imported and edited those clips and created the introduction to the movie.  It looks great and everyone is getting really excited.  Anyways, we are moving smoothly through the scenes and are scheduling all the Rico’s scenes for the vacation. I can’t wait to start going there everyday, I am in need of a chicken kabob salad ASAP.  As well, we need to do a few more scenes with Imbusch and Cashman.  Cashman did a great job in the last scene we did with him–he nailed it. But we realized after filming him that the angles of the shots and the artwork in the background was subpar.  As for gossip, Wyman is tangling between crews and I think that Elwood is getting a little jealous that he is spending so much time with Jujube.  Well, he may have to deal with the fact that he is truly a part of our crew.  Then again, everyone knows that all Elwood wants is drama between casts…Peace out, Liz